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It was after working in the medico-social sector as a specialized educator where "welcome" and "take car" were key words for me that I naturally turned to the world of well-being and relaxation.
Massage is a succession of love at first sight for gestures, states and sensations. Over the past twenty years, it has given rise to deepening and personal enrichment.

Strong today of a teaching with varied techniques, I propose to receive you and to provide you with the session which will correspond to your expectations.


I am located today in the 10th arrondissement, in my massage practice between Gare de l'Est and Château d'Eau. If I offer home sessions, however, I recommend a place other than your home in order to benefit from a moment when your daily life cannot catch up with you.


Massage is a universe that slowly, calmly, took possession of me until I decided to devote myself to it entirely. Twenty-five years of practice lead me today to you.

I draw my inspiration from my French and North African origins but also from the martial arts for which I have a real love. From this mixture of continents were born atypical movements that make links. From the Maghreb, I captured body recognition, from Asia and in particular from Japan that of respect for others in all its dimensions. My hands are its expression. They do not make a third party, on the contrary they make it possible to be one. By varying speed, softness and power throughout the session, I offer you a unique moment of relaxation.

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I recognize in judo, ju-jitsu and massage this common point : it is not enough to learn and know but you must also integrate and ingest, in order to be able to claim true mastery. There is a time of rest necessary to the spirit so that the knowledge takes shape.

This is how today I offer you a massage, an alliance of my knowledge and my being, with the aim of bringing you a moment of relaxation and well-being that will last beyond the session.


The benefits of massage

  • Releases tension, relieves muscles

  • Improves circulation, flexibility

  • Draining effect on the body

  • Facilitates energy circulation

  • Calms the mind

  • Removes fatigue, stress

  • Relieves cramps and lower back pain

  • Improves flexibility (muscles, joints)


I am...

  • Certified practitioner in well-being massages.

  • Certified in Swedish, Californian and Hawaiian (lomi-lomi) massage.

  • Trained in Balinese and lemniscate massages.

  • Developer of the Arabesque massage.

  • Member of the French federation of well-being massage (FFMBE).

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