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I offer different massages: Swedish, Deep-tissue, Californian, Arabesque, Hawaiian, Balinese and Lemniscate.
The duration (30, 60 or 90 minutes) varies according to the protocols. Do you want to know the benefits of each massage in order to decide? Go to the "massage"page. Once the choice has been made, all you have to do is contact me to set your appointment date and time according to your availability.




Your massage session takes place in a setting intended for well-being and serenity. The room is deliberately uncluttered: an à  two light sources, a table and the appropriate equipment, foutas (bath sheets tunisiens) for draping and music for the ears adapted to the protocol.

You can keep your underwear on during your massage session, if you wish. Accessories are available (single-use massage thongs), which I  recommend for Hawaiian massage and Arabesque, for greater fluidity of movement.
The techniques used during the massages sometimes call for ample and encompassing movements which may require complete nudity to prevent clothing from obstructing the hands during the massage.

In most of the protocols, the first part of the massage is oriented on the posterior face which includes the legs, the buttocks, the shoulders and the back. The second, on the anterior face with the shoulders, chest, arms and legs.
The massage is practiced with oil. (in this case deodorized organic sesame oil). A shower is offered to you after each session if you wish.
A word of advice: the ideal is to plan nothing after a session, so you will be free to do according to your mood.

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